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Cycle Spares and Repairs and Servicing


Like all other machines cycles need regular maintenance to ensure that they are giving their user the safest and most comfortable ride possible.The Highway Code applies to everyone in the UK and states that cyclists must ensure that:-



It is recommended that cyclists fit a bell to their cycle. The Highway Code also states that cyclists must





Whether you prefer to carry out your own cycle maintenance or have it done for you Eastgate Cycles can meet your needs.



If you are confident that you have the skills to do your own cycle repairs and maintenance  then Eastgate Cycles stock a range of parts you may need such as mudguards, tyres, tubes and brake cables.  

If you are not mechanically inclined Eastgate Cycles can carry out services and range of repairs for you.  A full cycle service costs just £25, plus the cost of any parts that may be needed, to get your cycle into the best possible condition for safe and carefree cycling. Whether you have dug out a long stored cycle with the idea of getting fit, assuming that we will get some more summer sunshine soon, or use your machine on a daily basis, a regular service will enhance your cycling experience.

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